Meet Lynn

My writings and business programs focus on communication and relationship challenges.  I concentrate on the individual, the team and the celebration of self and place.

As a social anthropologist I am fascinated by what it means to live a high quality life.

I have always explored the practical and the life insightful as ways to improve personal and business relationships.  I know there are simple, pragmatic strategies based on immutable wisdom to use and apply every day. This website contains many of them in the form of favourite heart warming, timeless reminders and messages, especially found in my Home at Last postcards.

Do these focused and optimistic ideas challenge?  Certainly.  Yet they lead to a life of  engaging, empowering and moving from vulnerability to confidence.

I have worked with leading companies across all sectors of industry in the past, discussing image, communication management and workplace challenges and change.


  • a former Australian Executive Woman of the Year
  • a USA Image Industry Award of Excellence winner
  • a past president, National Speakers Association of Aust. (NSW Chapter)
  • a DisneyWorld trained customer service expert
  • a former presenter of in-flight audio programs
  • a city and regional radio broadcaster
  • the author of several books on communication and relationships,

I realise that honour, simplicity, grace, love and courage have become my guides. They ensure a life filled with abundance.

It is a wonderful road, this journey without distance.  Thank you for joining me in the odyssey that combines the voice of hope with adventures of heart and mind.