When in doubt go for the simple truth.


I’ll see it when I believe it.


“My art is an act of faith, an act of love and humility” … Claude Monet


“The best place to seek God is in a garden. You can dig for him there” … George Bernard Shaw


God may say ‘wait’ but he never says ‘worry.’


Think of taking a five sense approach to happiness and beauty involving the

look, the sound, the touch, the smell and the taste of your life even if your personal

and business families don’t support you in it. This is an adventure and you

can do it alone if you have to.

Get ready for a shake up.


A practical step is to be rid of the grunge from your home, car and office. Go on:

toss out, clean up, tidy and polish. When you create empty spaces and dusted

surfaces, positive energy has the opportunity to find your spirit. Stand back and

look with delight at what you have created.


“Learn to be silent; let your quiet mind listen and absorb” … Pythagoras