It wouldn’t be a worthwhile mountain if you didn’t experience some fear.

Managing your image is part of your professional responsibility. 

You are a role model. Someone is always watching.

Men, choose clothing styles that are quietly smart. Travel the middle road between contemporary and ten years old. Be sure you look up to date.  Have faith that a little more colour, a little more style and a little more awareness will work wonders. 

The magic style word for women in business is structure. You will have more credibility at work when you follow a simple and tailored clothing path. 

Women need to be sure that hair has a structured cut. If you love it being long, for work pull it back or put it up so it’s more controlled. It’s all part of the tailoring.

“Out of clutter find simplicity” Albert Einstein said referring to physical and emotional situations. Attack the issues you have been running away from.

Clean up your way of communicating. No more power plays and jockeying for position.

When others feel comfortable with you it’s often because you are predictable. 

When others feel comfortable with you it’s often because your behaviour supports theirs.

When others feel comfortable with you it’s often because your language fits into the accepted norm and you choose positive and optimistic words to back your actions.

“People underestimate their capacity for change. There is never a right time to do a difficult thing” … John Porter. 

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.

Good jobs attract good people.  What does a good job look like?  People stay longer; efficiency and waste are addressed ; people are happy at work; the job is satisfying; the best jobs allow people to have mastery of their own lives.