Four important Joy Rules

1. Promise yourself at least one simple joyful action each day. This is a private action.

2. If you feel happy show it, never suppress it. Smile, sing and often act like a joyful child. Laugh at yourself.

3. Being grateful every day is the basis of more joy.

4. Don’t let others suck the joy from you. Have the courage to stay with your optimism even though the ‘suckers’ try to work you over. Cast your own spell of quiet happiness as you stop anyone’s negative attitude and words entering your circle of energy.

Here’s a Make Over you can easily do. Decide:

• On Mondays you will be compassionate and kind, no matter what.

• On Tuesdays, grateful

• Wednesday would be great for some fun, laughter and appropriate humour

• By Thursday generosity could be your best friend … generous with your time, friendship, love and even money.

• On Fridays listen to your soul, your intuition, be optimistic and do what is highest and best.

• And the weekend? Let the little girl or boy inside you, dance.

Above all with those attitudes be modest and humble.

“I believe how I act today will affect the way I am tomorrow“… Katherine Hepburn

“My future depends mostly upon myself”… Paul Robeson

This dream called life is only what we make it.

“There is a place that you are to fill that no one else can fill.

Something that you are to do which no one else can do” … Plato

I am the only person who knows what is supposed to happen.

Advance confidently, don’t chase.