I’m still writing Lynn Champion’s Home at Last Postcards and here are some  from a few years ago for you to enjoy.  I’m sure you’ll be inspired, even amused and […]

A Simplicity reminder and nature’s airy message. Swaying, absorbing and transforming are actions trees use in relentless winds.  Creating microclimates can be our way through difficult times too.   But don’t […]

Home life is a cake mix.  Work life is a cake mix.  Often a dominant person imposes a favourite recipe, defined style and flavour.  It’s time to suggest another.  We […]

A compassionate and simple thought from shoulder-sitting friend, Simplicity  Our lives are often noisy … too noisy. Stillness helps. Beauty and love will arise in the silence. Be still in […]

Incremental thoughts from shoulder sitting friend Honour Happiness is an inside job  Happiness consciously involves expense, audits and attitude.    Forget on sale happiness.  Pay the full portfolio price.  Soul gift […]

A considered thought from shoulder sitting friend Grace: “Soul dance at home.” Put swing into steps and strides. Life has to be filled with moments of confidence and grace.  Sashay […]

A Love reflection. A memorable message from our shoulder-sitting friend. Make a deliberate decision to think loving thoughts of others. Choose kindness, empathy and compassion over ego. Ask questions. Listen. […]