Postcard #172 … celebrating self and place

“When you’re skating on thin ice, you might as well tap dance.

There isn’t any point in doing something small and insignificant”

author Bryce Courtney said that day.

“There isn’t any point in doing what you think you can do easily.

Those aren’t achievements, those aren’t goals.  You meet all your friends there.”

 ‘Skating on thin ice’ is something we all do from time to time, especially those with an adventurous spirit. When we fall into icy waters from time to time, we have to surface and climb out. And we will be judged.

“Did you see that entry? Did you see that?” they’ll say. 

Some will murmur “I’m with you. What’s next?”

 We only learn by making mistakes. 

We only learn by falling in.

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