Be a breath detective. Breathe easy and pay attention. Under stress, breathing patterns change.  Listen carefully and you’ll hear the over breathing.  Shallow breathing is an attempt to take in […]

Try walking alongside instead of always leading. By trying to control others, we’re actually putting ourselves under their control.  Next time there is an urge to rescue or change another’s […]

I’m starting 2015 with thoughts I rediscovered in the holiday break. Perhaps they’ll lead you to heart warming times too.  “How’s the relationship?  Check the laughter factor.”  “We teach people […]

The final colour quiz questions, 7-9.  The answers are on this page. This is the last Postcard for 2014. Merry Christmas.  I’ll write again in January.  7. Imagination, inspiration, which colour […]

You know I love colour.  It’s pervasive, persuasive, enriches emotions, relationships and lives. Join me in a colour plunge and colour quiz. Each week, three questions.  Find the solutions.  Choose […]