What you think is the problem usually isn’t. It’s something simpler. When frustration, anger, confusion and/or disappointment surface do some soul searching. Deeply.    Look at every prickle and under the […]

Fear Part 2. Where is the challenge in only doing things that have become second nature and safe? Stretch.  Stretch towards the “not-previously–done–by–me.”  Consider, do the research, understand the detail, […]

Humility Vs Modesty. Be humble, not modest.   Modesty dismisses our talents and blessings and works only to devalue us.  Humility has dignity.  It involves truth, gratitude and vulnerability.  Humility rejects […]

And sometimes ‘they/we’ say, slow down. But stress and outcomes to be achieved, jostle within us.  Slow down.  Seek the places internally and externally where calm dwells.  Forget yourself for […]

Samurai secrets of success. In 16th century Japan, Samurais were encouraged to follow these strategies: Do not harbour sinister designs;  Do not be negligent even in small matters;  Nurture the […]

Arm yourself with charm. It changes lives. What is this thing called ‘charm’ we find so attractive?  Truly charming people are oblivious of their kind hearted, considerate qualities. They have […]